Terms & Conditions

Note: Please Make Sure that you are agree to all the term and conditions before buying from our store

West Side Pharmacy is an online pharmacy operate solely under the domain westsidepharmacy.net

All of our Medicines are legit from the Pharmaceutical Companies so Please make sure that you have ordered the right Medicine which is Prescribed you form a Physician.

Any USE/MISS-USE of the medicine without knowing can be Very DANGEROUS for you. West Side Pharmacy take no RESPONSIBILITY. Please when you order any thing you must be sure that you are aware of the right dosage.

We do no ship any unpaid orders. We don not ship any order that do not meet up with our minimum local or international price order.

We have No Refund and Reshipping policies if parcels shipped are seized.

If your order quantity was not properly shipped or the quality isn’t what you expect, we can resend products or give refunds for unopened packages.

We don’t resend in case of natural Disasters, address not valid and your provided PO Box not valid and expired.

We receive payments through your wallet, so therefore must be a registered member of our website and Top-up your account balance through bitcoins or any other crypto currencies we accept.

We do not Work or affiliated to any state or country’s authorities. The feds are not in our business.

For PayPal payments, After getting payment information, you have to send payment within 3 days, otherwise you want to cancel your order.

Bitcoin payment on our website is an automatic process, you have 30 mins to send bitcoins to the wallet given to you after the checkout page. or if you want we can send you the wallet address to you personally via email or text.

If you made payment and didn’t receive confirmation by our automatic system, You have to provide payment receipt from your bitcoin wallet to confirm your payment if you didn’t receive your order confirmation of payment.

You have to make sure that you receiving all the response regarding your order on our website ‘westsidepharmacy.net’ only from 1  email addresse which is info@buybestpillsonline.com. dont response any any yahoo, hotmail or gmail email addresses. in case of any problem please contact us via the live chat of website or send us email.

We send all the payment information to send us money under website email address and you will receive response from us with in 24 hours.

We are authorized to make any changes edition in these term and conditions without giving any prior notice to any one. so please sure you read all the terms before purchasing from our store.